Coco the Stinky Sock Breath Crocodile – Launch Campaign

Well that was fun.  On March 21st 2016, Coco the Stinky Sock Breath Crocodile was launched globally!  We went live on Amazon Kindle (Ebooks) and on Amazon for paperback.  Thanks to everyone that helped out!

We proved the Power of Belief and how what happens when we all work together.  Our adverts were everywhere!

Harry Hyena in Jakarta            Harry Hyena Bill Board Karachi


Al Ain Sweihan             Hyena in Paris - 11 March 2016 flat


Graphic Guidelines

We understand your efforts are for free and are offered in good faith to develop our messages:

Be Creative!     Believe in Yourself!     Never give up!      Have Fun!

We deeply appreciate your help.

We ask however that you treat our brand and creative art with respect.  Please:Only post in safe locations and in a way that does not endanger the health of others

  • Even broader, let’s not cause inconvenience to anyone (yourself included). Let’s be sensitive!
  • Use sustainable products and consider the impact on the environment
  • Follow the laws of your country
  • Please consider our audience – children and parents – when choosing themes and locations for advertising
  • Make it look cool
  • Don’t change our message – the launch date will be 21st March!
  • Have fun when you are doing it!

Technical Specifications

The files are 300dpi, converted to CMYK colorspace, all fonts outlined AND embedded. We have a minimum of 1/8” (0.125”) BLEED on all edges of the art, and a 1/8” (0.125”) SAFE area that has all critical design element, pulled away from trim.

Please contact us for optimum high density print colour matching and offset options.


A big thanks to Mr Hanif and the team from Economy Advertizing LLC for releasing the high definition files.  You’ve earned your five star review!