A fun and educational tale for kids

“Coco the Stinky Sock Breath Crocodile”

Coco the Crocodile has no friends, but he doesn’t know why.

Does anyone dare tell him about his stinky problem? Can Harry the Helpful Hyena’s crazy plans sort him out?

By the time Harry is through, Coco will never forget to brush his teeth again.

It’s a matter of life and breath!

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Information for parents

This colorful cartoon story introduces Harry the Hyena in his first adventure. He has the ideas that will solve Coco’s big problem.

Children love the animal characters energetic and exciting drawings. They laugh out loud at the terrible things that happen to Coco on his journey to fresher breath.

There is a free Coco the Crocodile audio book as well.

Parents will appreciate Harry’s generosity, his “never give up” persistence and his creativity. He keeps coming up with ideas, he’ll keep going even though it may be tough. These themes return in the other books of the Harry Hyena.

Children benefit from a reminder that prevention is better than cure – “you need to brush morning and night”.
Coco the Stinky Sock Breath Crocodile is beautifully drawn , fun and crazy story.

Let’s get off YouTube and get our kids reading.