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Find out how Harry the Hyena helps “Coco the Stinky Sock Breath Crocodile” with his smelly problem. It’s a matter of life and breath! A funny story for children 4-9 years old full of lively cartoon illustrations.   Scroll down for free audiobook giveaway!

Harry Hyena Kindle Cover

Harry Hyena Laughter

Hehehe! Hello there…

I’m Harry the Hyena. I live in the jungle with all my friends. There is nothing I like better than having a good laugh and helping everyone get what they want. We’ve got everything we need in the jungle to make things happen and, if you trust me, I can change your life.  Check out my Facebook Page.

But don’t take my word for it, listen to what my friends say:

Humphrey Hippo In Circle
Humphrey the Hippo
“I was lonely and not cool, and then I met Harry.  He changed my life”
Coco the Croco
“Harry immediately saw my problem and he helped me do what I needed to get some friends”
Martin the Zebra
“Hey man, like, Harry kinda rocks, you know…..”
Penelope Penguin
“Awesome times, dude…. and wild!  Yay!”

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